Over the summer, a good friend of mine took a couple weeks off for vacation. We’d planned on doing some DIY work in her bathroom. My hubby was off for the summer and could watch the boy while I got my DIY fix. My friend had planned on using Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformations to paint her cabinets. She also sent me a picture of her existing hinge hardware. Here’s the before shot.

Oh boy, definitely needs updating, right? So off to the hardware store we went. After some debate, she finally settled on their Linen color. We got it tinted and off we went with our supplies. The transformation isn’t too much work. First you use a solution and green scrubby sponge to de-gloss and sort of prime the surface. Next you fill in any hardware holes or scratches with wood putty and sand those areas. Then you paint on your tinted bond coat. You can do just one coat, or two. We opted for two coats of bond coat. Next you paint on the decorative glaze and wipe with a cloth to give the cabinets a faux wood grain finish. And lastly, you paint on the protective clear coat. Here’s a picture of me installing the new hardware she picked.

That center attached faux drawer was a pain in the butt to get the hardware installed on. The sink was in the way so it was hard to get the screwdriver in the right spot to get everything secured. This next picture is of all the hardware installed, but we couldn’t close everything because the protective clear coat wasn’t set yet. If you click to see the full-sized picture, you can barely see the drill hole on the left-most cabinet door down on the bottom right corner. I got a little drill-bit happy and drilled 3 right-hand cabinets, and one left-hand one. Oops.

Pretty fantastic, right? And it only took a couple of days. Later, my friend emailed me a picture of the color she was painting the lower half of her bathroom wall and you can see how everything looks now that it’s dried.

So, what do you think of the bathroom makeover? What’s your next transformation project?


{September 8, 2011}   Theme Thursday – Halloween

I love Halloween. It is probably my favorite holiday of the year. My birthday follows it, so it’s a double bonus for me. Can you believe I haven’t picked our costumes for this year yet? I think we might go with a Star Wars theme as we introduced our son to the original Star Wars and he’s obsessed with RD2 and PPO and runs around the house yelling, “Darth Vader! Darth Vader!” Bonus that we are planning to trick-or-treat with my girly and her daughter who might dress up as Princess Leia.

Our first entry comes from Care 2. We did something like this one halloween when we had a looooong driveway. I love luminaries and this tutorial on paper bag luminaries will have your Halloween lit up with awesome sauce as well.

Our next pick is all about pumpkin carving. puts out lots and lots of templates you can download and print and use for your own pumpkins.

And, lastly, the Centers for Disease Control has safety tips so that everyone can enjoy a totally awesome Halloween.

That’s all for this week’s Theme Thursday. Thank you all so much for your patience over the last week and a half as I studied for my job interview and then got the flu right after. I’m finally feeling human again.

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