{October 27, 2011}   We Have a House!

We finally closed escrow on the house we’ve been trying to buy….for 5+ months…It all worked out fabulously. The only hiccup in the escrow process was the appraisal. It came in $15,000 lower than our purchase price, and because we were getting an FHA loan, the short sale bank had no choice but to lower the purchase price to the appraised value. Score for us! So, we got this place for what we originally wanted to spend on a house. When we revised our offer to beat out two other offers, we increased our price above what we wanted to do originally, but this place is totally fabulous and worth it, plus we could afford to go higher. It still totally floors me that our mortgage, with the added county/city utilities is cheaper than what we are paying in rent.

I’ve done a few repairs. Put new locks on the doors, put the mailbox up, fixed the running toilet, weed eated 1/3 of the overgrown grass. I put up several test paint swatches. Tomorrow night the hubby and I are painting the living room and hopefully kitchen and hallway. I’m not sure I’m loving the blues we picked for our bedroom, so I’ll give it another looksy tomorrow after it has dried.

For now I need to get to bed. All this work is kicking my ass, plus I had class tonight until late.


{August 21, 2011}   Everything DIY!

I love all things DIY. Mostly, I love finding something for super cheap and spending time turning it into something fabulous! I go “shopping” at thrift stores, garage sales, and occasionally hit up Freecycle. Recently, I’ve been trying to use paint and other supplies that I already have on hand to keep my costs down, but sometimes I just have to make the trek to the hardware store. Whether it’s something small like refinishing an end table, or something larger like painting bathroom cabinets, I’m your DIY Girl Friday!

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